“A remarkable achievement with a message to the world – IMAX says it loud and clear. Excellent.”

Mr. Mark Hendriksen
Publisher and Partner at 'b3creative'


“Absolutely inspiring and amazing. A truly moving experience that makes me so proud to be an Indian.”

Mr. Mayank B Patel
Chairman of Currencies Direct Ltd.


“A truly exhilarating experience of unity, peace and tranquillity. May the message spread around the globe. BRAVO!”

Mr. Neeraj Nayer
Chairman FAB Awards


“Very interesting film and a brilliant way to show India both pictorially as well as culturally.”

Mr. Brendan Fitzmaurice
Managing Director WHSmith News


“Mystic India is both breathtaking, indeed highly informative and instructive, geared towards peace and security of our planet earth. It is thus a must viewing by the whole world.”

His Excellency Hassan Omar Gumbo Kibelloh
High Commissioner for The United Republic of Tanzania


“This is stunning, gripping opening up vistas of the incredible richness of India, to the world. India is a model for the world of unity in diversity.”

Rev. Alfred Agius
Representative to Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor
(Head, Roman Catholic Church, UK)


“Wonderful film bringing out the real India. Truly there is unity in diversity and it is this that makes India unique.”

Mr. Sunil Gavaskar
Cricketing Legend

“A beautifully shot film that inspires and tells a wonderful story of real India.”

Ms. Preeya Kalidas


“A most remarkable production which captures India in all its diversity and excellence. Truly inspirational production.”

Baroness Usha Prashar


“The film is an extraordinary depiction of a unique culture. It has left me hoping that I might one day visit one tenth of the places and sites shown.”

Mr. Andrew Devenport
Executive Director, Youth Business International


“What a beautiful experience and what a beautiful way to see India.”

DJ Raghav


“1. Very enlightening
2. Very magical.”

Mr. Allan Leighton
Chairman of Royal Mail


“The most beautifully shot and directed movie I have ever seen. Shows sites of the world including India that I have never seen. Brilliant performances and great narration. Really sends an important message to the world.”

Ms. Pooja Shah


“Excellent insight into Indian culture and heritage. Makes me wish I had been there… perhaps now I will!”

Mr. Ian Jackson
Director of Circulation and Sales, News International Newspapers


“Very well presented - a true picture of India. For the duration of the film, I believed everyone was in India and experienced its splendours.”

Dr Rami Ranger
CEO Sun Oil Ltd.


“A beautiful and moving experience with a great message of truth within.”

Ms. Saskia Bosch
Promotions Co-ordinator
National Geographic Channel


“A breathtaking film showing the diversity of India.”

Sandy Young
Director of Phoenix Medical Supplies


“Beautifully filmed with excellent music.”

Sue Russell
Director of Menzies Distribution


“Very thought provoking. Brilliant photography. A joy to watch.”

Mr & Mrs Czapnik
Dorling Kindersley Publishing

“Inspiring and moving.”
Hon. Barry Gardiner MP
“An inspirational piece of film work. Beautiful colours, beautiful people, providing lasting images of a country deserving a visit by all.”

Ms. Maggie Paterson