Mystic India Premiere in Illinois, USA

Saturday, 1 April 2006, Cinemark IMAX Theatre, Woodridge, IL, USA

Over 250 high-ranking dignitaries attended the premiere showing of the large format film Mystic India at the Cinemark IMAX Theater in Woodridge, Illinois, USA

Children dressed in traditional costumes welcomed the invited guests as they arrived.

The digniitaries which included member of congress, business executives, government officials and others, were very impressed by the 40-minute film which explains the culture and spirituality of India through the eyes of Neelkanth Varni.


“[Mystic India] was very inspiring. In the midst of this young boy’s journey and his own quest to find his path and his future, he created a path for the entire nation. I have a deep appreiciation for the vast beauty and diversity of India as a nation. The universal inspiring message of the movie was of unity and faith. We can all learn from this, if we trust in our faith, we can accomplish anything.”

Mellissa Bean
U.S. Congresswoman

The strength, courage and tenacity of a boy that young [Neelkanth] was extremely fascinating. The colors of India are unbelievable, the ways of worship are just fantastic, their culture is truly heartwarming…”

Dorothy Brown
Clerk of Circuit Court of Cook County

“If we could each just get a little bit of that [Neelkanth’s] faith in our hearts what a wonderful world it would be.”

Catherine Melchert
Mayor of Bartlett

“We are all one people, whether you are in South East Asia or the United States, we have one earth and we are all alike.”

Kirk W. Dillard
Illinois’ State Senator

Among other distinguished guest at the Mystic India premiere opening show were NFL defensive linebacker of the Oakland Raiders - Danny Clark, Mayor of Bolingbrook – Roger Baar, Kellogs School of Management – Prof. Bala Balchandran, Superintendent of Education – Darlene Ruscitti, Mr. Iftekhar Sherif, Dr. Minesh Mehta, Vice President of Corporate Technology, Motorola - Mr. Amrish Modi, College of Du Page President - Dr. Sunil Chand and others.