Grand New Zealand Premiere of Mystic India

24 October 2007, IMAX Theatre on Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand

The Grand New Zealand Premiere of Mystic India took place on 24 October 2007 at the IMAX Theatre on Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand.

The IMAX Theatre is located in the heart of the city and it is one of the star attractions in Auckland with a giant screen that measures 68ft. by 89ft.

The guests arrived at 7.00pm and were escorted through a traditional mandap set up specially for the Premiere night. The waiting area of the theatre was transformed into a mini- India with richly decorative arts and antiques. The rangoli design in particular was eyecatching and very impressive.

As the 300 guests arrived, they were warmly greeted by the children of BAPS clad in traditional costumes and the showering of flower petals. Young boys and girls then tied a nadachhadi to each and every guest while explaining the significance of this ancient custom. The guests were highly impressed and appreciated the traditional atmosphere that greeted them. The ambience was further enhanced with the sound of live Indian classical music.

The High Commissioner of India, K.P. Ernest attended the evening festivities and welcomed the film in his brief greeting to the audience. He thanked the efforts of BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha in not only producing the film but for promoting sublime humanitarian values in society. Dilesh Patel, on behalf of the producers, briefly outlined the voluntary effort of BAPS and the context under which this film was produced.

The Honourable Anand Satyanand, Governor-General of New Zealand, mentioned in his message, “It is with regret that I am unable to attend tonight’s Premiere of the award-winning movie, Mystic India, due to a prior commitment. Mystic India allows the viewer to rediscover the land of mysteries, the land of the world’s highest peaks, the Himalayas, and the land of ancient wisdom, culture, civilisation and spirituality.”

Honourable Helen Clarke the Prime Minister of New Zealand also sent her greeting which was then read out,”I know that this film follows the journey of Nilkanth who traveled solo across India more than 200 years ago. The message of the film, that we are a single human family despite our cultural or ethnic differences, is a very important one for all us to keep in mind today.”

The General Manager of Sky City Cinemas Mr. Matthew Liebman mentioned in his address, “I am very impressed by the dedication of BAPS volunteers who have shown tremendous creativity through the decorations here tonight. The IMAX Theatre has never looked so good”. The following are some of the opinions of the guests:

“The title is appropriate. India has so much to offer, particularly the history. I think it’s fascinating that so much has been covered in a short documentary. I would recommend anyone to go and see it. It has a powerful message and we can all learn. When you look spiritually you can see how India has survived for so long. I will recommend to my children and hope we put them on the path that there is a spiritual India – one that can be enjoyed by anybody, any race and any colour. India will always exist and that to me is the most powerful message of this film”.

Mr. Deepak Patel
Former New Zealand Cricketer

“It was brilliant. I thought the movie was beautiful and very inspiring. Congratulations to everyone involved with it. What I find most inspiring is that so much of it has been a voluntary effort, a beautiful expression of service to humanity. Very well done and thank you for inviting me here tonight. It’s an inspiring reminder of humanity”

Mr. Mark Broadwaithe
Principal of Ficino School in Auckland