Mystic India Premiere in Philadelphia, USA

Saturday, 8 November 2008

The newly renovated Benjamin Franklin National Monument welcomed the premiere of Mystic India to The Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a day of sights, sounds, and tastes of Indian culture for everyone to enjoy.

The waiting area of the theatre was completely transformed with richly decorative Indian art and antiques. The guests were highly impressed and appreciated the traditional atmosphere that greeted them. The ambience was further enhanced with the sound of live Indian classical dance and music.

Participants of all ages enjoyed the many interactive cultural activities and performances. Young children had fun coloring in festive Indian rangoli patterns. Older children tried playing different Indian instruments and learning about Indian classical music notes.

The guests were enthralled by the inspiring story of Neelkanth, the sights, the sounds, the colors and the awe-inspiring festivals of India, beautifully depicted on film. They left the theatre with many praises not only of the breathtaking cinematography but how it changed their understanding of India’s message of ageless values for all of humanity.

“We visited India but when we saw the movie we just wanted to go back again (to visit India) because there were so many other things that we missed and did not see,” said Sarin Peng.

Ralph Davidson said, “I was very impressed with the spirituality of the entire nation and the way they expressed their spirituality. The one line that I kept remembering about India was Diversity. They accept that, and it is common to allow people of different beliefs so we can all live together. That was very powerful.”

Salin Dalal said, “It made me feel very proud to be an Indian. I feel so inspired that every Indian in this country should buy ten tickets and see it with their friends and neighbors. It’s something that the whole world needs right now.”

The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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