Grand Canadian Premiere of Mystic India

5 July 2006, Ontario Place Cinesphere, Toronto, Canada

The grand Canadian Premiere of Mystic India took place on 5 July 2006 at the Ontario Place Cinesphere, the world’s first permanent IMAX film theatre. Located in the heart of Toronto, Canada’s largest city, Cinesphere is home to the second largest IMAX screen in the world, with a capacity to seat 675 individuals comfortably.

BAPS Care International presented the charity show in recognition of the Royal Ontario Museum’s Renaissance ROM Project and its contribution to building bridges between civilizations, cultures and ages. All gifts received following the charity show benefited the Renaissance ROM South Asian Initiative. The event hosts were the Consul General of India, Shri Satish Mehta and the President and Executive Director of the prestigious Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), Mr. David Palmer. The nationally acclaimed ROM is currently constructing a South Asian gallery, which will promote the heritage of the region.

The Honourable James M. Flaherty, Canadian Minister of Finance, was the chief guest of the event. Other political dignitaries included:

  • Hon. Greg Sorbara, Ontario Minister of Finance
  • Hon. Monte Kwinter, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services
  • Hon. Harinder Takhar, Minister of Small Businesses - Ontario
  • Hon. Roy Cullen, Member of Parliament, Etobicoke North
  • Councillor Suzan Hall, Councillor for Etobicoke North

Many top corporate executives also attended the grand premiere.

BAPS youths guided the guests arriving for the evening reception right from parking to the entrance of the event pavilion. A grand arch and two giant model elephants greeted the guests at the entrance of Ontario Place. Guests were welcomed with sweets offered by children in traditional Indian dress.

Guests were enthralled by the traditional decorations displays in the center of the reception pavilion including beautiful rangolis created by the ladies volunteers.

The Chief Guest and dignitaries were entertained by classical tabla performance by renowned Vineet Vyas and a beautiful traditional classical Indian dance performance by Menaka Thakkar Dance Academy bringing to life the sights, sounds, colours and pageantry of India.

Prior to the screening of the film, the children sang Sanskrit verses for world peace (Shanti Paath) in consonance with the message of 'Mystic India' that “we are a single human family”. Thereafter the president of BAPS Care, Chandrakant Sachdev spoke about the activities and mission of BAPS Care. As the official hosts of the evening, the Consul General of India and the President of the ROM welcomed the guests. Both thanked BAPS Care for its dedication to humanitarian services. The Chief Guest was traditionally welcomed with a garland.

The film left a lasting impression on each of the more than 600 elite guests. All were ecstatic after the screening and truly appreciated the film. They left with a sense of excitement and pride that such a rich culture and civilization exists in today’s modern world.


“BAPS Care international is truly making a difference to the betterment of society as a whole, its mandate is to serve needy individuals, families throughout the world. ...well named. The title reflect the nature of the film…I welcome the theme unity in diversity. Canada is a baby-culture compared to India, and we have so much to learn and so much growing to do.… The opening of the film when the gates opened and the elephant and the people and the noise and the flowers, it’s spectacular. There were other parts as well that were exhilarating but the first scene was terrific.”

The Honorable James M. Flaherty
Canadian Minister of Finance

“I would like to congratulate BAPS Care for the great work. This film will re-inspire great pride in the great civilization from which you’ve emerged. Through this film, as this great film makes its way across Canada, the millions of Canadians with whom we live, will develop a greater appreciation of this magnificent civilization.”

Hon. Greg Sorbara
Ontario Minister of Finance

“You’ve probably heard of the old saying, a picture can say a thousand words, imagine something that goes on for 48 min. It is absolutely incredible. My senses are now numbed. India has given great knowledge and values to the world, the value of tolerance, the value of universal brotherhood. Showing films like this is a great service to our heritage.”

Shri Satish Mehta
Consul General of India in Toronto

“…Thank you so much and congratulations for a moving an inspirational evening.”

William Thorsell
Chairman of Royal Ontario Museum

“Awe-inspiring, humbling, so filled with color and life its hard to take it in all at once, it’s the type of film you’d want to see again to take its full measure. It indicates the tremendous richness that we have here in this city and this part of the world. That we can celebrate both being Canadian and pride in being south Asian that is so influential around the world. That these two things can co-exist in one group of people in one place speaks volumes about Canada.”

Mr. David Palmer
President and Executive Director of Royal Ontario Museum

“I would like to congratulate the people who made it. I have been to India many times, but to see India in this way was quite awe-inspiring.”

Thomas Bata
Bata Shoe Company

“This film gives a wonderful understanding of the spirituality of Indians and the cultural aspects of India. Unity in Diversity is a value that Canada thrives on and it will make every Canadian feel proud of India. Mystic India transported me back to India, and it will surely transport all of the people who see it. It brought out the serenity of the India and its culture.”

Menaka Thakkar
Traditional Dancer, Menaka Thakkar Dance Company

“Mystic India portrays India in its true form. B.A.P.S. has done a remarkable job, and the work they do internationally is commendable.”

Ramesh Chotai
President, Lohana Cultural Association of Canada